September is here!!

Posted: 11/09/2012

September is with us again and its back to School, College and University for our children and young people as well as the many teachers we have in the congregation. The weather has been lousy over the summer and typical, the first week of September as school starts, the sun is out!

This is the month that sees the start of various church activities after the summer break. Our Wednesday evening House Group network is up and running again and fantastic hearing reports of new people joining several of the groups. My daughters attend one of the Port Tennant groups and it was a thrill to hear them saying about the fantastic time they’re having in their group.

Friday night it’s ‘Kids Club’ at Ashlands Sports Hall. Jan and her team are committed to this important ministry and we pray that they will impact the lives of many children again this session as they radiate the love of Christ.

Youth Bible Study on Sunday Evenings is up and running again. They ‘kicked off’ the session on September 9th when they arranged for James Morgan (member of Only Boys Aloud) to join us and he sang a couple of songs........What a voice!

We are really blessed with a growing group of young people that are led by quality leaders. It has been a joy to see the youth growing in God and becoming active in church life. Seeing my daughter reading Peter Jeffrey’s book ‘Bite Size Theology’ in preparation for Youth Bible Study has just blessed me no-end

The end of September will bring a new influx of students to Swansea and we look forward to seeing some ‘first year’ students join us at Waterfront. We have really missed our student group during the summer and it will be a joy to welcome back those we class as ‘our students’.

I’m looking forward to seeing what God will do among us in the next few months......... “The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him” (Lamentations 3:15)

Pastor Arnie

Pastor Arnie