Leading Together

Posted: 20/11/2012

We have just finished our first two year Training School course here at Waterfront (Leading Together) which has been running once a month on Saturday mornings. The aim of this course has been to encourage and equip leaders as well as those with a desire for a greater understanding of Christian doctrine and practice so that they may become more fruitful in their service and mission for God.

It has been for me a great joy to see students learning about God, discussing some controversial and sensitive issues and in so doing being challenged, encouraged and inspired by each other. It was William Menzies: “When a Christian knows what he believes and why he believes it, this knowledge not only strengthens his own faith, but also enables him to convince his critics of the truth of Christianity.”

God is so big, so great & so awesome, that we will never exhaust our knowledge of Him! Being a part of Leading Together has been exciting for me. Not only have I enjoyed teaching some of the modules but also I have learned so much from the students and other tutors.

One of our students said this of the course: “With an exceptional faculty delivering a first class standard of teaching and by their very accreditations adding a genuine validity to the calibre of the course, these 8 modules have been an excellent foundation of theological understanding, presented in a warm, friendly and safe environment. A broad-spectrum, yet incredible well-structured course has covered gripping and essentials aspects of God, His creation, and the role of His people within.” – Andrew Meehan; Intern at Waterfront Community Church.

I thank God for the students that have enrolled for these modules and it has been my pleasure to teach and learn with them over the past two years......... January will see the commencement of another year and I’m looking forward to welcome some new students to the course and see them getting a deeper understanding of the God of the Bible as well as learning some practical truths about Christian living and leadership.

I look forward with anticipation to another exciting year for Leading Together!

Pastor Arnie