Music Ministries

“We believe and practice worship as a lifestyle and not as an event in Waterfront Community Church. We seek to become ever more excited, thankful and connected by and to God in order to live the lives He created us to have – to be in constant relationship with Him is to be in a constant context of worship. God has made us creative and musical beings. He has given us a wonderful gift in music to be inspired, uplifted, provoked, impassioned and quietened. No-one but God can truly understand this at the moment, but it points towards that fact that even though we know God to be creative, Creator, as we are created in His image He is also musical. We seek connection and intimacy with God in Waterfront, and want to be moved in the area of music to display and relate to God.”
– James Knight, Director of Worship


Currently, the main focus of our development is on ‘in-service’ ministries, i.e. encouraging and leading the congregation in their corporate worship and using music as a tool to help uplift and teach each other, and praise and adore our God. We have been especially blessed over the last couple of years by the way in which God has brought a large number of musical abilities together in a way that is inspiring to us and (so we are told) to others in the fellowship here.

Also, we have started developing a WLT (Worship Leaders Team) which seeks to provide opportunities for developing the gifts recognised in some to lead worshippers. If you would like to know more about getting involved in these music ministries then email james@waterfrontchurch.org, or if attending a Waterfront service find James Knight or Judith Davies.

The Future

We are looking to develop a number of different bands to play in our worship services and to extend the range of musical styles that we utilise. Our long-term vision for music ministries in our fellowship however is not limited to just touching Christians, nor is our vision limited to use just on a Sunday. We are open to God’s leading and would love to see God using us more to release people in their musical abilities throughout the week, connecting with the non-believing SA1 communities in sharing how inspiring and creative our God is.

Worship - Latest News

For those of you who have been in our Sunday services this year, you will know that 2014 is a year where we are studying how to express increasingly biblical worship. In these first two months we have already looked at biblical precedents for: Lifting our hands, Becoming increasingly aware of God's presence with us, 'Glorying'in the name of God, Bowing before God.

I thought I'd post a link to a useful video here, that might help you in your worship of God. It's a message shared by Louie Giglio and lasts 51minutes and 22seconds. Have a pray about how you can worship God in increasingly appropriate, meaningful and heartfelt ways. Then please pray about how the worship leaders can learn to lead the church in worship more effectively! Enjoy! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GXK8W00GFOM Stay tuned in on coming Sundays, for further examples on how to worship God biblically rather than by our own design...

James and all in the worship team.