Waterfront Korean Church

스완지 워터 프런트 한인교회는 한국인의 정체성을 가지고 개혁주의 신앙과 생활을 확립하여 이민자들과 젊은이들이 하나님 중심, 성경중심, 교회중심으로 예배하며 교제하는 센터로 하나님께 영광 돌리는 교회입니다.
Waterfront Korean Church was started on 20th October 2012 in Swansea Waterfront Community Church.
Our Korean Church worship God and enjoy fellowship by encouraging Korean identity and promoting Christian faith.
Our aim is the establishment of the Reformed Faith and life so that we maybe the light and salt of the earth.
Our principles of life are:
1) God-Centred
2) Bible-Centred
3) Church-Centred

Pastor Kim

Pyung Soo Kim served as associate pastor in Korea.

He graduated from Goryo Theological Seminary, in Korea with an Mdiv.

He took up the pastorate of the Waterfront Korean Church.

Pyung Soo Kim is married to Yong Kyung Roh and they have two sons.

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Sundays at 2pm

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