House Groups

At Waterfront Community Church we encourage individuals to join one of the house groups that operate throughout the City and surrounding areas.

We tend to meet every other week, usually on a Wednesday evening. House groups are a great way of getting to know people who you may not otherwise get acquainted with in a larger setting. They can be the basis for lasting friendship.

Our programme is varied and includes times when we will watch a DVD series and discuss what we’ve seen. There are also more structured Bible studies and prayer, as well as opportunities to share with one another.

As a Leadership Team house groups are one of the means by which we exercise pastoral care in the church and are a great source of encouragement to those who attend. We see house groups as essential to the continued development and growth of individual believers and the wider church fellowship.

We currently have 7 house groups running in the Swansea area, below is a list of our current housegroups and the leaders.

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Pastor Mark Davies

Based at the Church (Llansamlet)

Byron Morgan


Pastor Arnallt Morgan


Trevor Palmer


Paul Davies


Louise Morgan

Port Tennant (every Tuesday)

James Knight 

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